Careers & Employability

Developing your employability

At Aberystwyth we work hard to help you develop your employability and make informed choices to ensure you identify your talents and potential and have an effective plan as you graduate into the world of work. Today’s employers are looking for real evidence of skills, abilities and understanding of the world of work, underpinned by actual experience and accredited learning. We help you do this in a number of ways:

Career guidance workshops

Throughout your studies at Aberystwyth University, you will be able to take part in a number of workshops that will help you develop the necessary skills for securing future employment. Workshops will cover topics including:

  • How to write a CV
  • How to present yourself at interview
  • How to identify the career suitable for you
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership skills
  • Team work
  • Cultural awareness
  • Utilising social media effectively

Details of workshops to be held at the campus  will be publicised regularly throughout each semester. Details of on-line sessions delivered from Aberystwyth University, will also be made available.

Guest lectures

There is no better way to learn about different career options than by listening to and speaking with those working in the industry. Industry experts will deliver various guest lectures throughout the academic year, to help educate and advise you on your career options.

Lecture series details will be publicized regularly throughout each semester.

Careers Service:

In addition to delivering the workshops noted above and arranging guest lectures by industry experts, Aberystwyth University’s Careers Service also offers a wide range of support. This can also help you maximise the value of your time at university  and make the transition from university to employment, further study, or a gap year all the easier when you graduate.

Staffed by a friendly and experienced team, the Careers Service at Aberystwyth University offers a range of services and support to help you recognise both your strengths and your development needs, to explore a wide range of opportunities, to make informed decisions about your future and to plan effectively for life after graduation.

More details can be found on their website:

Earn While You Learn

For Mauritian students, it may be useful to get a part-time job in order to gain additional funds. Not only will a part-time job help you earn extra cash, it can also provide you with valuable work experience, which will in turn help you find graduate-level opportunities. It will demonstrate to graduate recruiters that you are able to balance work with study commitments, in addition to helping you develop new skills.  Please visit For further information on case studies that show how casual work and extra-curricular activities provide relevant experience and skills development for future graduate roles.

Career Support

In addition to the services outlined above you can also access one-to-one help from your personal tutor and the Careers Service at Aberystwyth, via Skype. It is ideal for quick queries as well as help with CVs and applications for student and graduate work. The Service also offers confidential one to one guidance sessions which can be booked in advance either by calling 0044 1970 622378 or by e-mailing

Year in Employment Scheme (YES)

This is a fantastic opportunity to take a year out between your second and third year to work in an organisation in the UK or overseas. You will have chance to both develop your employability skills and acquire some impressive work experience to include on your CV.